CAM Technologies, Inc.
Chris Wagner, CEO
8441 Belair Road, Suite 202
Nottingham, MD  21236

CAM Technologies, Inc. Launches New Website
to Better Reach and Serve Clients

Compressed air systems engineers announce new website highlighting their client list and range of services in creating cost saving industrial controls.

Baltimore, MD, USA – CAM Technologies, one of the top US industrial controls companies in the compressed air automation sector, announces the launch of their new website at , allowing them to reach out and give better service to their clients.

Why is CAM Technologies one of the country’s leading companies when it comes to providing services in compressed air automation? Years before the 1997 Compressed Air Challenge, this industrial controls company led by Chris Wagner, had already been creating energy efficiencies and cost savings for clients all over the country. The company focuses on completing a sophisticated system analysis and creating effective design solutions that will generate energy efficiencies and substantial cost savings.

For decades now, efficient automation of air compressor systems has been a target of industry. This is because of the immense energy savings it can generate. With two patents to his credit, Mr. Wagner and his team have spent the last 3 decades developing factory automation systems that utilize all the modern hardware and software available to improve compressed air efficiency.

Their list of repeat clients is a who’s who in industries ranging from food and beverage, cement and construction, container and packaging, automobile, consumer products, healthcare, government, transportation, metals and textiles. CAM Technologies plans to highlight their unique and pivotal role in these industries with their new website.

Visit their new site at or call 410-792-2950 learn more about this company.