CAM Technologies is proud to be the supplier who adds value to a project, when others walked away.

Our engineering analysis involves the whole Air system, as do our recommendations. We are not intimidated by complexity, and our solution may include increased capacitance, valving, and/or controls. We support many repeat clients whose needs vary from small systems to complex projects involving between 4 and 18 compressors.

We deploy the same system approach across all market segments we serve. The process involves the following steps:

  • Define Needs
  • Measure, Quantify & Model Baseline
  • Develop Design Detail & Project Planning
  • Construction & Commissioning
  • Verification

Our cooperation with partners allows us to deliver value to end users, and application specific expertise. The common thread between these market niches is that they all use a great deal of compressed air in their manufacturing process. Most of our clients have a minimum of 1000 HP under roof for compressed air.

PET (returnable) bottles continue to be a dynamic growing market. We have automated numerous factories with increasing production volumes of ever changing mix of small to large bottles. Market knowledge in the packaging industry is critical to finding the best solution for the end user.

The food processing industry presents many unique challenges (uptime), materials (stainless), in addition to an enormous potential for automation and utility savings. Our turnkey services have frequently been used to manage jobs in this segment.

The field engineers at CAC have managed many turnkey projects with Cement plants across North America. These are complex control systems which support a remarkable energy consuming process.

Our support of Aerospace Manufacturing sites goes back decades. Uncompromised quality and reliability in these facilities is a firm requirement. A common thread between Planes & Trains is the size of the manufacturing facility. Our projects here have thousands of horsepower in Air Compressors doing work. Our solution accomplishes the work, while using less energy.