CAM Technologies’ engineering analysis involves the complete air system, as do our recommendations. We are not intimidated by complexity, and our solution may include increased capacitance, valving and/or controls. We support many repeat clients whose needs vary from small systems to complex projects involving between four and 18 compressors.

We deploy the same system approach across all market segments we serve. The process involves the following steps:

  • Define Needs
  • Measure, Quantify & Model Baseline
  • Develop Design Detail & Project Planning
  • Construction & Commissioning
  • Verification

Our strategic industry partnerships allow us to deliver exceptional value and application-specific expertise to our customers. The common thread between the market niches that we serve (some of which are outlined below) is that they all use a great deal of compressed air in their manufacturing process. Most of our customers have a minimum of 1000 HP under the roof for compressed air.

  • Containers and Packaging: PET (returnable) bottles continue to be a dynamic growing market. We have automated factories with ever-increasing production volumes of small to large bottles. Market knowledge in the packaging industry is critical to finding the best solution for the end user.
  • Food and Beverage: The food processing industry presents many unique challenges (uptime), materials (stainless), in addition to an enormous potential for automation and utility savings. Our turnkey services have frequently been used to manage jobs in this segment.
  • Cement: The field engineers at our partner, Compressed Air Consultants (CAC) have managed many turnkey projects with cement plants across North America. These are complex control systems which support a remarkable energy consuming process.
  • Government and Transportation: For decades, we have supported aerospace manufacturing sites, where uncompromised quality and reliability in these facilities is a firm requirement. Manufacturing sites for planes and trains requires a similar attention to detail. Our projects in this industry typically involve thousands of horsepower in air compressors. Our solutions get the job done while saving energy for the facility.
  • Agriculture: Compressed air systems are as much a staple of the agriculture industry as sunlight and water. We specialize in agricultural compressed air system engineering that helps power complex machinery, hand tools, irrigation systems and much more.
  • Energy: It’s somewhat paradoxical that the energy industry couldn’t function without power sources of its own. Compressed air systems play a key role, being utilized in applications ranging from mining to energy storage to maintaining proper pipeline pressures in the extraction of natural gas. We energetically offer our services to oil, gas and renewable energy companies, plus utilities and more.