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CAM Technologies is committed to solving the most difficult field engineering challenges found in Compressed Air Systems. Our experience and skills are unmatched in system analysis and our design solutions target energy efficiency. CAM solutions include innovative automation and control, we always deliver process optimization and reduced total project cost.

CAM Technologies views our patents and copyrights as the bricks and mortar of our business. With this solid foundation, our PEOPLE are building a business where we leverage that experience to produce smart systems with remote communications capabilities. Our individual contributors bring with them more than 100 years of experience in automation and control.

Chris Wagner is CEO of CAM Technologies. For decades he has developed factory automation utilizing the latest hardware and software available. His application knowledge extends from the days when MODICON was leading edge, to today’s wireless networks communicating with client’s global corporate IT infrastructure. During his career Chris has worked for Cummins-Wagner Company, APT and Honeywell; but his creativity and independence is best seen in his startup companies VIM Technologies and CAM Technologies.

Our cooperation with a growing list of partners allows us to continue to deliver exceptional value to end users, with application-specific expertise. We look forward to solving compressed air challenges and continuing our legacy of providing total project cost reductions and energy efficient solutions for our industrial clients.