Agricultural Industry

American agriculture is big business. Across the USA, some 2 million farmers are producing the meat, fruit, vegetables and grain we need. They’re using an ever-increasing range of complex machinery to increase yields and cut costs, and much of it requires compressed air to function. That’s why compressed air system automation for agriculture is essential.

Agricultural Uses of Compressed Air

Many farms use compressed air as an alternative to electricity. Compressed air is used to power hand tools used for equipment maintenance, winterize irrigation systems, run pumps and operate pneumatic conveyors. It ventilates greenhouses, aerates ponds at fish farms, and controls thermostats on heating systems.

One notable use of compressed air is in environments with an explosion risk. The atmosphere in grain silos and other areas where powders are present can be easily ignited by a spark – a good reason to prefer compressed air-powered devices over those using electricity.

When packaging and filling is done on-site, compressed air is essential. Modern equipment uses pneumatic slides and actuators which require a reliable supply of compressed air. You might say agriculture runs on well-designed compressed air automation systems.

Benefits of Compressed Air Control Systems From CAM Technologies

Compressed air design for the agricultural industry is challenging to get right. Demand can fluctuate widely, leaving equipment starved or compressors running below optimal efficiency. Use of state-of-the-art automation and controls technology helps to reduce inefficiencies, lower costs and improve reliability.

At CAM Technologies, we are specialists in agricultural compressed air system engineering. We understand the unique demands and can advise you on appropriate system design within agricultural facilities. For customers in agriculture, compressed air system automation is often overlooked — but our services will help to improve operating efficiencies and reduce breakdowns.

Our agricultural customers value a compressed air system audit. This thorough review of equipment and the entire compressor system identifies opportunities for cost savings that need only a small investment. Following a system update as the result of an audit, equipment often performs better.

Working for Our Customers

With expert design and skilled management, your compressed air system can be an asset rather than a liability. CAM Technologies has three decades of experience in helping customers get the best from their investment in compressed air, and is committed to serving the needs of those in agriculture. From auditing system performance to implementing compressed air automation technology, we help customers maximize the performance of their systems.

America depends on its farmers. In turn, farmers depend on compressed air to plant, harvest, move grain, and tend to the needs of livestock and produce. CAM Technologies helps those farmers design, install, operate and maintain their compressed air systems. The technology we’ve developed — along with our expertise in compressed air systems management — cuts costs and improves reliability, allowing farmers to focus on what they do best — producing food for the rest of us.

Contact us today to learn more about what CAM Technologies can do for your facility in the agricultural sector.