Compressed Air Automation Controls

Compressed air systems in industrial facilities often use unnecessarily high amounts of air while attempting to both prevent pressure from dropping below critical levels and satisfy peak demands. This wasted compression can be remedied through automation and integration solutions from CAM Technologies.

Controlling Inefficiency Through Automation

CAM Technologies’ CAMLink™ series of automation and integration controls offers facility managers and engineers an unprecedented level of control when it comes to overseeing their compressed air systems — along with secondary utilities such as boilers, vacuum systems, chillers, refrigeration, cooling towers, water and pump systems, and/or ventilation systems.

The CAMLink™ system manages compressed air system efficiency by coordinating compressors in one of several sequential modes — constantly monitoring changes in the supply pressure and responding to the rate of pressure change by either adding or removing compression capacity. Using one or more compressors to trim the demand changes, the CAMLink™ system controls the unloaded cool-down time and stops the compressor when fewer compressors are required. With the CAMLink™ system in place, facilities can ensure the capacity of their compressed air systems will be managed automatically with optimal efficiency and a significant reduction in the amount of wasted energy. 

Complete Integration Means Complete Control

The automation and integration solutions provided by CAM Technologies brings the same level of efficiency to other vital systems as it does for compressed air systems. Because CAMLink™ compressed air system automation can be fully integrated with other utilities, it provides facility managers and engineers with a degree of control over those utilities that would not be possible with compressed air control systems from other manufacturers.

The advanced control capabilities found in a CAMLink™ compressed air automation system — and nowhere else — mean the maximum level of energy efficiency for the entire facility, not just one isolated utility.

Choose CAM Technologies for Maximum Efficiency and Control

By fully integrating your facility’s utilities with automation controls produced by CAM Technologies, you give yourself the power to stamp out inefficiencies automatically. With the CAMLink™ system at your disposal, you can be confident that inefficiencies won’t go unnoticed and will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

For more information about the CAMLink™ system or any of CAM Technologies’ other air compressor system integration and automation solutions, reach out to us today.

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