Compressed Air Audit

Cost-Effective Air System Audits and Assessments

Industrial facilities often depend on compressed air systems to power essential equipment. In fact, compressed air is almost as important as electricity for many industrial applications. Despite this reliance on compressed air systems, facility owners and managers often overlook them when seeking to improve efficiency. This neglect can be very costly, especially in terms of energy efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy has estimated that as much as 50 percent of the energy used to power air compressors is wasted.

A properly conducted compressed air audit can identify these inefficiencies — and others. A compressed air system may have leaks or may use incorrect piping. The air pressure may be set at too high a level for a specific task. Or there may be other fixable issues contributing to the high energy costs that come with operating your system. At CAM Technologies, we specialize in products and services for compressed air automation, including air audit services that can reveal your compressed air optimization solution. 

The Benefits of a Compressed Air Audit

If your industrial facility utilizes compressed air, a compressed air system analysis may uncover ways to improve productivity and your bottom line. A comprehensive audit conducted by an experienced professional can root out hidden inefficiencies. Depending on the audit results, it may contribute almost immediately to the following:

  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Improved system reliability that reduces downtime
  • Significant savings in operating costs

For example, a compressed air system audit can determine whether the air pressure is accurately calibrated for a specific task. If the air pressure is higher than what is needed, the energy being used to compress the air is being wasted. A properly conducted audit can determine whether or not the optimal equipment is being used, and to what degree solutions such as implementing automated controls will help.

Who Can Benefit From a Compressed Air Assessment

The larger and more complex a facility is, the greater chance there is that an audit could reveal potential improvements. But any facility operator using compressed air, regardless of industry — agriculture, manufacturing, energy, pharmaceutical, food and beverage to name a few — may find that an audit often will quickly pay for itself. Your audit report will include:

  • Optimization strategy
  • Implementation plans
  • Financial information 

Have the Experts at CAM Technologies Audit Your System 

As a leading compressed air audit company, CAM Technologies offers not just cutting-edge products, but superior manufacturer independent services, including comprehensive air compressor system audits. Contact us today to learn more about our expert compressed air audit services or to schedule your assessment.