Energy Services Industry

The widespread use of compressed air in powering industrial equipment has earned it the nickname “the fourth utility.” While the compressors used to power these tools are powered by electricity, compressed air plays several important roles in the energy industry.

Compressed air is used to perform operations in the mining and extraction of oil and gas. For example, the natural gas industry depends on compressed air to maintain proper pipeline pressures and for many other applications.

Compressed air also has exciting renewable energy applications. One of the most difficult obstacles facing the renewable energy industry is the issue of energy storage. Because solar energy can only be collected when the sun is shining, a reliable and efficient means of storage is required for that energy to be available to consumers at night. Promising advances in compressed air energy storage (CAES) could potentially revolutionize global power storage and distribution.

Compressed Air Systems: Energy Industry Benefits

CAM Technologies offers unsurpassed energy compressed air services specifically tailored to meet the needs of energy industry clients — including utilities, oil and gas companies, and renewable energy companies — efficiently and cost effectively. These include:

  • Energy compressed air system audit — A poorly performing compressed air system can have a devastating impact on your bottom line. A compressed air audit can immediately reveal how to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and minimize operating costs so you can optimize profitability for your facility.
  • Energy compressed air system design — Since 1992, CAM Technologies has led the way in compressed air system design innovation. Our engineering team combines unsurpassed expertise in compressed air automation with an understanding of the needs of the energy industry to design systems that optimize efficiency and ROI across all aspects of energy extraction, storage and power distribution.
  • Energy compressed air automation —Our patented CAMLink™ Online system provides unparalleled system optimization capabilities and gives you control over your system to maximize performance and profitability.
  • Energy compressed air management — We offer turn-key compressed air project management services for the energy industry. Let our expert team oversee every aspect of your compressed air system installation, so you can focus on your core business. You can be sure that every element of your energy compressed air system will be engineered for unsurpassed performance.

In short, we deliver optimal compressed air system performance, saving you time and money and ensuring quality service for your customers.

Why Energy Industry Companies Rely on CAM Technologies

Our energy compressed air system engineering services stand out from the competition due to our advanced automation technology and our ability to best meet the needs of our energy industry customers. Our proven process for meeting your company’s needs include:

  • Define needs —Determine exactly how much power your facility requires.
  • Measure, quantify and model baseline —Determine the size and scope of a compressed air system to meet your facility’s precise needs.
  • Project planning —Develop a custom plan for effective compressed air system controls.
  • Construction and commissioning —Fabricate and build your facility’s new compressed air system controls.
  • Verification — Verify that your new compressed air system is as effective and efficient as possible.

To learn more about how CAM Technologies can help your energy company save time and money by improving and automating the efficiency and performance of your compressed air systems, reach out to us here today.