CAMLink™ Control Systems

CAMLink™ Micro

Industrial and manufacturing facilities that utilize compressed air energy systems frequently struggle with controlling system efficiency. Compressed air systems often maintain too much capacity online as they attempt to both prevent pressure from dropping below critical levels and satisfy peak demands. The result of this wasted capacity is unusually high compressed air energy usage. The cost of compressed air can be up to 10 times as much as electricity. Compounding the problem is the fact that differences in pressure set points, pressure switch deadbands and pressure losses make it extremely difficult — if not impossible — to coordinate the multiple compressors required for optimal compressed air energy efficiency.

The CAMLink™ Micro is one of our smallest industrial control systems, making it perfect for supporting up to four rotary screw compressors in smaller setups. Equipped with a space-saving 5.7-inch HMI interface, this industrial control equipment provides the control needed to manage efficiency in your smaller systems, so you won’t have to worry about wasted energy.

CAMLink™ Mini/Advanced

Capacity regulation in compressed air systems is one of the most common problems encountered in industrial and manufacturing facilities. In many cases, compressor systems maintain too much capacity online to both prevent pressure dropping below peak levels and to satisfy peak demands. This excess capacity is not always needed, and because of it, many of these systems waste compression energy.

With the CAMLink™ Mini or CAMLink™ Advanced serving as your manufacturing control system, you can control up to six compressors with ease. The Advanced model also offers support for centrifugal compressors as well as Modbus interfaces, owing to the advanced compressor management logic integrated into this model.

CAMLink™ Premier

An industrial or manufacturing facility cannot be truly energy-efficient unless its compressed air system is functioning at optimal efficiency. Why? Large commercial air compressor systems often maintain too much capacity online to both satisfy peak demands and to prevent pressure from dropping below peak levels. This excess capacity is not always needed, and because of it, many large-capacity air compressor systems waste compression energy.

Designed for larger, more complex installations, the CAMLink™ Premier is one of the most advanced manufacturing control systems available. Compatible with all major SCADA and BMS systems, these industrial control systems also integrate with boilers, ventilation and water systems.