Food & Beverage Industry

Production facilities in the food and beverage industry depend on compressed air systems to perform critical tasks, such as for moving particulates (powdered milk or cocoa powder) through pipes. Food grade compressed air is also used to control the valves found in automated lines that fill, package and bottle various food and beverage products. Compressed air can be used in the fermentation process for foods such as yogurt and wine. The modern food and beverage industry would not exist without the power of food-safe compressed air behind it. CAM Technologies is proud of the role we play in providing compressed air control services for the food and beverage industry. Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to create custom systems that live up to the compressed air standards for the food industry.

Benefits of Compressed Air Control Systems From CAM Technologies

Compressed air systems provide the food and beverage industry with a reliable source of power, allowing facilities to run smoothly and maintain peak productivity.

CAM Technologies offers customers automation options for their custom compressed air control systems that are unmatched in the industry. Through our unique CAMLink™ automation platforms, CAM Technologies manages capacity in multiple compressors, offering the most efficient compression possible — and in turn, saving customers a substantial amount of money.

How We Work for Our Customers

The engineering expertise, industry partnerships and application-specific experience that CAM Technologies brings to the food and beverage industry allow us to deliver the most complete compressed air system automation solutions on the market. When customers work with CAM Technologies to provide a compressed air control system for their facilities, here’s how we leverage our skills and capabilities to help them:

  • Define needs: Determine exactly how much power your facility requires.
  • Measure, quantify and model baseline: Determine the size and scope of a compressed air system to meet the facility’s precise needs.
  • Project planning: Develop a custom plan for the compressed air system controls that will meet your needs.
  • Construction and commissioning: CAM Technologies fabricates and builds your facility’s new compressed air system.
  • Verification: Through our knowledge of the use of compressed air in the food industry, CAM Technologies verifies that your new compressed air system is as effective and efficient as possible.

To learn more about what CAM Technologies can do for your facility with compressed air automation in the food and beverage industry, reach out to us today.