Materials Industry (Metals, Wood, Cement)

Compressed air is an essential resource in the materials industry, no matter the product. It’s also a major consumer of energy, so it demands close management attention. Even small gains in efficiency and reductions in consumption can translate into significant cost savings.

Uses of Compressed Air in the Materials Industry

Compressed air powers tools and actuation cylinders and is used for filtration, cleaning and cooling when manufacturing materials. There are, however, two other applications to consider that are specific to the industry: conveying and aeration.

For example, in the production of cement, fine powder tends to clump, making it difficult to transport and feed. Pneumatic conveyors are used extensively to move cement powder from storage to production, and pneumatically powered aeration systems help keep it flowing. Systems such as these consume large quantities of compressed air, so the materials production industry invests heavily in air compressor capacity and distribution systems. Given the high cost of producing and distributing compressed air, it’s essential to streamline these systems, and the way to do that is with the support of CAM Technologies and our expertise in compressed air design for the materials industry.

Boost Compressed Air System Efficiency with CAM Technologies

The materials production industry depends on a reliable supply of compressed air to keep operations running. Maintaining that supply takes a lot of energy, so even small productivity improvements can yield significant savings.

CAM Technologies offers products and services that enable more precise control over compressed air production and consumption. These include the CAM Demand Expander™ high-accuracy pressure control valve, and CAMLink™ compressed air automation solutions. When deployed into both large or small compressed air systems, these controls reduce compressed air production to the minimum that pneumatically powered equipment needs. That saves energy and may also reduce equipment wear rates — extending life and cutting maintenance.

A particular option with the CAMLink™ platform that appeals to materials production industry plant operators is its remote support capability. CAMLink™ can interface with SCADA systems as well as a wide range of third-party instrumentation devices. It can send text and email alerts — as well as provide remote access, data analytics and reporting.

Improve the Performance of Your Compressed Air System

CAM Technologies is a leader in compressed air system automation for materials production. Bringing our experience and skills to bear on the most difficult field-engineering challenges, we help our customers save money and enhance performance.

When partnering with CAM Technologies to upgrade and automate your compressed air systems, you’ll find we help you:

  • Determine how much compressed air your facility requires
  • Scope a compressed air system that will meet the facility’s precise needs
  • Plan and manage installation
  • Construct and commission your facility’s new compressed air system controls
  • Verify that your new compressed air system is as effective and efficient as possible

The materials production industry uses a lot of energy while producing and distributing compressed air. Controls from CAM Technologies can help you control the air efficiently. To learn more about how we can leverage our expertise to benefit your operations, contact us today.