clAIRity Remote Monitoring

At industrial facilities, insight into individual compressors, dryers and instruments is often lacking, allowing issues to go undetected until they are a major problem. This often results in lost production, costly repairs, and often times premature component failure.

clAIRity Remote Monitoring offers a solution to this gap.

Using 24/7 cloud-based performance monitoring, clAIRity tracks the health of individual equipment at your facility, helping you gain insight into minor issues before they become major ones. clAIRity’s interface includes real-time, web-based dashboards, along with text and/or email alerts to help you stay on top of your compressed air system and how it’s operating.

clAIRity can remotely monitor all compressor types from all manufacturers, dryers, and standalone equipment. In addition to reminders for preventative maintenance actions, the information collected also identifies equipment health risks and pushes out custom alerts based on the data available from your system.

Features & Benefits

clAIRity’s 24/7 cloud-based monitoring of stand-alone equipment performance allows for:

  • Managing of your entire fleet (able to monitor 100+ individual machines and equipment simultaneously)
  • Continuous, proactive monitoring for uptime assurance
  • Identification of risks before they occur
  • Prevention of unscheduled downtime
  • Indications of equipment health, alarms and maintenance needs through text and email alerts
  • Easy installation into the equipment at your facility
  • Accessible dashboards using a PC, tablet or smart phone
  • Unlimited users within your facility
  • Integration with multiple customers or locations using customizable security permissions