CAM Technologies solutions allow you to make compressed air in an efficient manner, reduce energy costs, improve reliability and increase production.

The CAM Technologies Solution isolates the supply from demand, allowing you to make smart decisions about how and when to make air. Our solutions allow you to accomplish your work using a reduced demand side pressure. By running your facility at a lower pressure, you are able to realize savings in many ways – energy cost savings are just the beginning.

Your Best Green Strategy To Save Energy! Saving just 4 Horsepower is the same as replacing 100 industrial lightning fixtures



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  • Equipment
  • Electricity


CAM Demand ExpanderTM

The CAM Demand ExpanderTM is a low-loss, high-accuracy pressure control valve station that provides stable plant pressure (typically +/- 0.5 psi or better) while isolating the plant from the trim compressor supply. Combined with event storage the CAM Demand ExpanderTM allows the plant to receive a consistent compressed air utility regardless of the conditions of the supply. Compressors can also be taken out of service and various optimized combinations of compressors can be used without the plant ever noticing a change. The end result is a lower monthly utility bill and improved operational productivity.

CAMLinkTM Compressed Air Automation

CAMLinkTM Compressed Air Automation monitors changes in the supply pressure to 0.01 psi and responds to the “Rate of Pressure Change” by either adding or deleting compression capacity. Most compressor systems have too much capacity on-line at all times in order to satisfy peak demands and prevent pressure dropping below acceptable levels. With the cost of compressed air at approximately 10x that of direct electrical power this type of operation is nothing but wasteful of energy costs. Differences in Pressure Set Points, Pressure Switch Dead-bands, and Pressure Losses make it virtually impossible to coordinate multiple compressors for optimal operation.

CAMLinkTM Mini & Advanced Compressed Air Automation

The CAMLinkTM Mini & Advanced Compressed Air Automation systems are designed for smaller compressed air systems. Designed to support up to six compressors, the CAMLinkTM Mini & Advanced systems have the flexibility to support the CAM Demand ExpanderTM along with other measuring devices.  The CAMLinkTM Advanced supports centrifugals and Modbus interfaces, and introduces advanced compressor sequencing logic. Both systems will automatically adjust the number of compressors running/loading to meet your facility’s current air demands. Fixed or automatic rotation is available with all CAMLinkTM systems depending on your installed horsepower.

CAMLinkTM Premier Custom Compressed Air Automation System

The CAMLinkTM Premier is a custom deployment supporting an unlimited number of compressors, instrumentation, demand expanders and other valves, and complex compressor sequencing logic across multiple header pressures. The CAMLinkTM system automatically adjusts the required number of compressors running/loading to meet your facility’s current air demands. The CAMLinkTM Premier allows integration and control of other utilities, such as boilers, ventilation and water systems. The CAMLinkTM Premier is fully compatible with the latest web-based technologies.