CAMLink™ Premier Compressed Air Automation System

An industrial or manufacturing facility cannot be truly energy-efficient unless its compressed air system is functioning at optimal efficiency. Why? Large commercial air compressor systems often maintain too much capacity online to both satisfy peak demands and to prevent pressure from dropping below peak levels. This excess capacity is not always needed, and because of it, many large capacity air compressor systems waste compression energy.

compressed air automation system

Since the cost of compressed air can be up to 10 times as much as electricity, this can be a significant problem for facility managers and engineers. With the CAMLink™ series of large compressed air automation system controls, these systems can be operated at peak optimal efficiency.

The CAMLink™ Premier system coordinates all small and large air compressors in one of several automation modes — monitoring changes in the supply and plant pressure to 0.01 PSI and quickly responding to the rate of pressure change by either adding or removing compression capacity. Using the minimum number of compressors to trim the demand changes, the CAMLink™ Premier system controls the unloaded cool-down time and stops the compressor when fewer compressors are needed. This ensures optimal management of capacity and cuts down significantly on wasted energy.

Choose CAMLink™ Premier for Large Air Compressors

CAMLink™ Premier offers superior management of complex installations of large industrial air compressors. CAMLink™ Premier is a custom deployment that supports an unlimited number of compressors, instrumentation, valves and complex large compressor management logic across multiple header pressures. The CAMLink™ large air compressor control system automatically adjusts the required number of compressors running or loading to meet a facility’s current compressed air demands. CAMLink™ Premier allows for the integration and control of other utilities, including boilers, ventilation and water systems, etc. In addition, CAMLink™ Premier is fully compatible with the latest web-based technologies.

Benefits of Utilizing CAMLink™ Premier In Your Facility

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the CAMLink™ Premier offers the following features and benefits:

  • Allen Bradley Compact or ControlLogix PLC-based — non-proprietary and easily supported
  • 10” or larger Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 7 operator interface
  • Automation of an unlimited number of large industrial air compressors across different brands, technologies and pressure ranges
  • Capabilities to interface with dryers, demand expanders, flow meters, dew-point monitors, and miscellaneous alarm inputs
  • Multiple-pressure band control
  • Support for spill or isolation valves
  • Controls rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors
  • Integrations available for all major SCADA and BMS systems
  • Control options for other utilities, including boilers, water, and ventilation systems, etc.
  • 24/7 CAMLink™ Online Service – system data collection and analytics
    • 24/7 automated system monitoring and notifications of alarms and preventative maintenance indicators
    • Secure client remote access
    • Extended warranty on all control components
    • Manage preventative maintenance intervals with CAMLink™ Advanced Service Program
  • Remote support by CAM Technologies engineers
  • Remote training courses for new employees

Wasted capacity can have a severe impact on the efficiency of a compressed air system. With CAMLink™ Premier, your facility won’t have to worry — no matter how large your system is.

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