CAM Demand Expander™

The CAM Demand Expander™ is a low-loss, high-accuracy pressure control valve.

Control over processes and equipment is essential in any industrial facility, including when it comes to industrial air systems. Properly controlling the distribution network for compressed air is a must for the system to operate at peak efficiency — otherwise it could be costing a facility more than it should. As a result of our extensive experience in creating controls for industrial air systems, CAM Technologies offers the CAM Demand Expander™, designed to achieve the control needed to keep compressed air systems running at their most efficient levels.

The CAM Demand Expander™ is a low-loss, high-accuracy compressed air control valve station. It isolates the plant from the trim compressor supply, while still providing stable plant pressure, typically +/- 0.5 psi or better. When used in conjunction with event storage, the CAM Demand Expander™ makes it possible for a plant to receive consistent compressed air capabilities regardless of the supply conditions. When equipped with this air compressor control system, plants can also take compressors out of service or utilize various optimized combinations of compressors with no noticeable change.

The result: a lower monthly utility bill for the plant as well as significantly improved operational productivity.

Plant operators can control the CAM Demand Expander™ locally or directly from the innovative CAMLink™ compressed air system automation control platform. By combining CAMLink™ compressor controls with the CAM Demand Expander™ to coordinate setpoints, plants can ensure their entire compressed air system is operating at optimal efficiency.

Key Features

  • Receive consistent compressed air capabilities regardless of the supply
  • Control the CAM Demand Expander™ locally or directly

How the CAM Demand Expander™ Works

CAM Technologies created this compressed air pressure control valve with peak efficiency in mind. It maximizes air compressor and system efficiency by separating the supply-side trim compressors from the demand side and base compressors. It is designed to provide for the expansion of compressed air, from its storage unit to the system, with minimal energy loss.

The result: consistently lower plant air pressure. This reduces unregulated flows and leaks, and the pressure dew point is lowered when expansion occurs.

The CAM Demand Expander™ is designed for minimal initial-to-pilot pressure. This contrasts with regulators that typically require 10 times as much Delta pressure. This precise control device has a control and response sensitivity within tenths of a psig. With this air compressor control valve, storage can be maintained in the upstream supply system for handling variations in demand, rather than utilizing online compressor power.

Assessing your compressed air system operation? Consider the distribution network and not just the supply and demand sides. The CAM Demand Expander™ can help compressed air systems operate under greater control and with greater efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.