Containers & Packaging Industry

CAM Technologies supports the container and packaging industry with compressed air system automation controls. We have worked with many customers in the packaging and container market, creating complete and customized compressed air system controls that provide exceptional efficiency and effectiveness based on each facility’s specific requirements.

As recyclable and sustainable PET containers become more widespread in the industry, compressed air is more important than ever, since it powers much of the equipment used to move and process raw materials during production. CAM Technologies’ extensive knowledge of automation technology, along with our proprietary system controls, makes it possible for manufacturers in the packaging and container market to have a compressed air system that functions at maximum efficiency with minimal effort. This gives our customers the compressed air power they need without wasting compression and energy.

Benefits of Compressed Air Systems from CAM Technologies

Compressed air systems provide a considerable amount of reliable power to run container and packaging production facilities.

CAM Technologies provides our customers in the packaging and container market with unparalleled automation options. Through our unique CAMLink™ control solutions, our products automatically manage capacity in multiple compressors— providing the most efficient compression possible and saving customers a significant amount of money.

How CAM Technologies Works for You

Thanks to our extensive engineering expertise, industry partnerships and application-specific experience, we offer comprehensive compressed air system automation solutions to the packaging and container market.

When you choose to work with CAM Technologies to automate the compressed air system in your facility, we leverage our skills and capabilities to help you:

  • Define needs: Determine exactly how much power your facility requires.
  • Measure, quantify and model baseline: Determine the size and scope of a compressed air system to meet the facility’s precise needs.
  • Project planning: Develop a custom plan for the compressed air system controls that will meet your needs.
  • Construction and commissioning: CAM Technologies fabricates and builds your facility’s new compressed air system controls.
  • Verification: CAM Technologies verifies that your new compressed air system is as effective and efficient as possible.

The container and packaging industry requires a lot of power, and compressed air system automation controls from CAM Technologies automate that power effectively and efficiently. If you’re ready to learn more about how CAM Technologies leverages our expertise to benefit your operation, reach out to us today.