CAMLink™ Online

High-Performance Air Compressor Monitoring

Facility owners and operators who utilize compressed air energy systems need to be concerned about the efficiency of their systems. Compressed air monitoring equipment that operates at less-than-optimal efficiency can drive up costs and impact productivity in a negative way. Frequent audits are expensive, and regular walkthroughs can locate inefficiencies, but they don’t help you to determine patterns of energy waste. Having the most complete understanding of your compressed air energy system is essential for identifying areas where optimization may be needed.

When you have all the information needed about your compressed air monitoring system at your fingertips, you can more effectively manage and reduce your energy costs, improve the reliability of your systems, and maximize uptime in your facilities. With the CAMLink™ Online system at your disposal, you have the power to see your entire compressed air energy system at a glance.

Compressed Air Optimization System

CAMLink™ Online is a web-based, utility-enabling, air compressor monitoring service. This secure, system-wide program provides a single consolidated source for information and knowledge about a compressed air energy system — providing users with simple, actionable information that they can use to decrease operational costs.

One of the most important advantages of CAMLink™ Online is that it can interface with flow meters, dew point monitors and leakage monitoring components. This provides a wealth of data you can use to track and measure your system’s efficiency with exceptional accuracy. With this compressed air data logging at one’s disposal, you can fine-tune compressors to ensure you’re never carrying excess capacity and wasting resources.

With integrated maintenance tracking and notifications, CAMLink™ Online air compressor monitoring provides insight into all major cost components of your compressed air system. Thanks to its 24/7 data collection and persistent monitoring features, CAMLink™ Online helps you identify and reveal patterns of energy waste that can build up between audits and often go unseen during walkthroughs.

The Multiple Benefits of CAMLink™ Online Compressed Air Monitoring Equipment

CAMLink™ Online is flexible and secure, enabling unlimited access to multiple users simultaneously through any web browser across multiple platforms — including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. You can download the data at any time. Additionally, remote compressor monitoring and system control options are available, so you can have full compressed air system management anywhere outside of the utility room.

Along with the many benefits above, the CAMLink™ Online air compressor monitoring platform also gives users other benefits and features such as:

  • 24/7 systems data collection
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring and preventative maintenance indicators via email or text message
  • Managing preventative maintenance intervals with the CAMLink™ Advanced Service Program
  • Centralized monitoring for enterprise-side operation
  • Remote support by CAM Technologies engineers and your compressor distributor
  • Unlimited users and unlimited data points
  • Client-remote secure access on PCs, tablets or smartphone devices
  • Online training, support tools and access to user documentation, engineering drawings and maintenance information
  • Cloud-server-based custom reporting, trending and energy analytics
  • Government-level firewalls and security-protecting data, and managing user accounts and access

Having a comprehensive overview of your compressed air energy system can give you the power to make the most informed decisions and improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. With the CAMLink™ Online platform from CAM Technologies, you’ll have every bit of information you need about your compressed air monitoring system right at your fingertips.

If you’re ready to see everything you need to know about your compressed air energy system at a glance, contact CAM Technologies and learn how the CAMLink™ Online system can work for you.