Turn-Key Project Management

Compressed air systems are essential to many industrial and manufacturing operations. It is crucial that these systems are properly installed and maintained to ensure that they operate at the highest possible level of efficiency.

CAM Technologies offers turnkey project management to upgrade, install, or automate compressed air systems. When you choose CAM Technologies to provide project management for your facility’s compressed air system project, including  secondary utilities such as boilers, ventilation, water systems, and cooling towers, you’ll benefit from our knowledge and expertise. The compressed air system and other elements installed or upgraded by CAM Technologies will be the most effective and efficient systems for your facility.

The professional construction and engineering management services you receive from our experienced engineers ensures that your compressed air system project will be optimized for maximum efficiency. Whether you need a complete compressed air system installation or an upgrade to a single component, CAM Technologies has the knowledge necessary to ensure a successful project.

Our Comprehensive Project Management Services

CAM Technologies manages every element of your compressed air system project — from start to finish. Services include:

  • On-site review: Our technicians perform a complete on-site review of your facility to assess the scope of the work that will be required.
  • Development: We develop a plan for the full scope of the work, as well as a task list for all contractors that will be involved.
  • Engineering/Design: We work closely with you to ensure that your industrial compressed air system design meets all of your specifications and delivers the performance you need.
  • Equipment Procurement: We have extensive relationships with all leading industry equipment manufacturers and provide a single source for procurement across the project.
  • Management: CAM Technologies oversees all contractors on your project — using our extensive expertise to guide every aspect of their proposal, project planning and project execution.
  • Installation: You can count on our experienced technicians to install your new system in the most efficient and effective manner possible, leveraging our comprehensive expertise to deliver the best possible results.
  • Automation: The experience we bring to your facility means your new equipment can be integrated into an automation system with ease.
  • Integration: Our solutions should fit perfectly into your building’s existing setup, thanks to our extensive knowledge base.
  • Commissioning:System commissioning of the CAMLink™ Control System.
  • Review:Once the work is completed, CAM Technologies performs a thorough assessment of the site prior to customer handoff.

Gain Total Efficiency and Success with CAM Technologies Project Management Services

Compressed air systems are vital to the success of many industrial facilities, but they must be installed successfully to provide the most benefit. Having an expert source to guide and oversee every aspect of the installation of a compressed air system — no matter how extensive — ensures that the project runs smoothly, and that the completed system operates at maximum.

CAM Technologies has the unique combination of innovative technology and foundational expertise to oversee every aspect of your compressed air system project. If you want to efficiently and successfully optimize your facility’s compressed air system, turn to CAM Technologies. Call us today to learn everything we can do for you.