CAM Technologies has been providing Compressed Air Systems to clients of all sizes since 1992.

Your CAM service agreement is typically paid for when CAM improves your operation by just 6 horsepowerA leader and innovator in Compressed Air System engineering, CAM Technologies has provided companies with solutions to help them achieve their production goals while maximizing energy savings. CAM Technologies provides clients with a wide range of service offerings tailored to meet their needs. Taking advantage of a CAM Technologies Service program will minimize machine downtime thus minimizing production loss while maximizing efficiency and energy savings. A CAM Technologies service offering is the final piece of your production and efficiency puzzle.

Air System Audits

CAM often conducts a site survey prior to our initial proposal. Complete Air System Audit may be recommended, especially for larger more complex facilities. Recommendations for Compressed Air System and point of use are the deliverables. Report includes optimization strategy, implementation plans and financials.

Automation and Integration Solutions

Will provide hands on support for commissioning of new equipment. CAMLink product standard is the Allen-Bradley control system, but most commissioning visits still require some degree of customization of user interface prior to start up. Detailed ProEngineer drafting and training service are available.

Turnkey Project Management

CAM Technologies can provide Professional Engineering and Construction Management services. We utilize independent contractors who have years of experience working with compressed air and with CAM Technologies equipment and personnel.

Remote Monitoring/Trending Services

  • Phone Support – Service contracts available which provide 24/7 engineering support. Plans start at 3 hours of phone consultation monthly, which allows operators to fully comprehend system operation, program settings & fault codes.
  • Remote Support – In addition to phone support; CAM delivers wireless tools which allow us to access controls remotely. We can troubleshoot systems live, and have remote programming capability. Service provides a return as soon as one field service call is eliminated. Included to support dynamic end user demands in the field.
  • Remote Monitoring – Remote Support is achievable with a computer on site which allows for data logging, trending & alarming. Live System View via Internet and annual site visits included.
  • Engineering Analysis – If you are on a path of continuous improvement, our Remote Monitoring with Engineering Analysis may be right for you. Monthly reports can be customized, and then analyzed at Quarterly System Review meetings. Semi-annual site visits are standard for this level of service.