CAM Client Reviews

“We installed our Cam System in 2005. At the time we had 12 compressors with a total output of 19,035 cfm.  After the installation of the Cam System we saw a 25% improvement in energy consumption. The system has been very rugged and dependable. The system also maintains a very constant air pressure on the manufacturing floor.  At present our system has grown to 16 compressors at 28,650 cfm total output. The system was very easy to expand to handle the additional compressors. I would recommend Cam Technologies to anyone who is serious about reducing energy cost and stabilizing air pressures.”
—Ken Parham, Manager of Facilities, AW North Carolina Automotive Plant

“We worked with CAM to design a control scheme for 8 compressors that would maximize output while minimizing cost. Their system has been in place for several months now and the savings have been in the thousands of dollars. They did exactly as we requested with competence and professionalism. We are now extending their services into our other facilities and I highly recommend them.”
—J. Crites, Facilities & Electrical Tech Principal (Corp.), JTEKT NA

Great group of people to work with. Chris and Christine have gone out of their way to make this a successful project. We had several issues with other companies equipment, communicating with the Cam System. Chris went to their Factory with his equipment and worked the bugs out of their equipment, now we have no run ability issues with our Air Compressors. I recommend to any one for Compressor Front End Controls!”
—Brian Hock, Facilities Team Leader, ASMO, Greenville, NC