History Of CAM Technologies

When the US Department of Energy launched the Compressed Air Challenge in 1997, CAM Technologies had been serving the market for five years.

CAM Technologies is a leading industrial controls company based in Baltimore, MD, that specializes in delivering compressed air automation products and services to a wide range of industries. We provide sophisticated system analysis and design solutions that generate energy efficiencies across a broad spectrum of applications.

Automation of air compressor systems has long been targeted by industrial facilities because of the tremendous potential for energy savings. Remarkably, in this narrow market segment, you’ll find only a small number of companies that continue to develop improvements in their controls. CAM Technologies is one of those leaders.

Chris Wagner founded CAM Technologies in 1992, after decades of developing factory automation utilizing the latest hardware and software available. His application knowledge, along with that of CAM’s engineering team, extends from the days when MODICON was leading edge, to today’s wireless networks communicating with client’s global corporate IT infrastructure.

CAM Technologies engineers have been meeting the market needs since before the Compressed Air Challenge existed, and as a result, Chris holds a patent for load management of compressed air systems. Today, the use of base load compressors, storage reservoirs, control valves and trim stations is commonplace. Our work also includes automation of various industrial systems, and our founder’s patents can also be found for control of multiple centrifugal compressor systems.

Today, we view patents and copyrights as the bricks and mortar of our business. With this solid foundation, our business leverages years  of experience to produce smart systems with remote communications capabilities. Combined, our engineers have over 100 years of experience in automation and controls.