Oil & Gas Industry

Compressed air is essential for a variety of applications within the oil and gas industry. Processes such as petrochemical synthesis, gas re-injection, cementing, petroleum refining, equipment and pipeline cleaning, pipeline pressurization and nitrogen generation all require reliable compressed air delivery. Oil exploration and drilling demands high-pressure compressed air from rugged equipment capable of standing up to temperature extremes and corrosive conditions found in marine and/or desert environments.

CAM Technologies provides oil and gas compressed air system engineering to support these  applications. Our innovative solutions are well-equipped to handle the harsh conditions and rigorous specifications the oil and gas industry demands.

Benefits of CAM Technologies’ Oil and Gas Compressed Air Automation Services

We offer oil and gas compressed air systems design, automation and management solutions for all energy industry applications, including:

  • Oil and gas compressed air system audits — An audit will help you identify exactly what is happening with your existing compressed air system and reveal potential improvements to help you better meet your safety, efficiency and cost-containment goals.
  • Oil and gas compressed air systems automation and controls — Our expertise in compressed air automation differentiates us from anyone else in the industry and enables us to help our customers maximize their cost savings, safety and reliability advantages.
  • Oil and gas compressed air management — Proper compressed air system maintenance will ensure that your system is always working at the highest level of efficiency to keep costs low and meet all safety, compliance and production goals. With our turn-key project management services, you can relax and focus on your core competency, knowing that your systems are being expertly maintained for optimal efficiency and performance.

At CAM Technologies, we use a proven 5-step system to help our customers leverage our skills and capabilities to the best possible advantage. When you choose us to automate the compressed air systems in your oil or gas facility, we will work with you to:

Define needs — Assess your facility and goals to determine exactly how much air your system will require.

  • Measure, quantify and model baseline — Determine the size and scope of an oil and gas compressed air system capable of delivering on those needs. We take into account specific site and industry requirements such as extreme climate and/or compliance restrictions.
  • Create a plan — Work with you to develop a custom plan for the compressed air system controls that will best meet your oil and gas facility’s unique needs.
  • Construct and commission — CAM Technologies has the expertise and capabilities to build your oil or gas facility’s new compressed air system controls.
  • Verify — Our expert compressed air technicians will run your new compressed air system through a battery of tests to ensure that is as effective and efficient as possible.

Your Oil and Gas Compressed Air Experts

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