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Compressed Air Systems Design Firm Invests in Online Marketing with Baltimore Marketing Agency

CAM Technologies hires Sheets and Associates to create their new web presence and solidify their online reputation as a market leader in compressed air systems design.

Baltimore, MD, USACompressed air industrial engineering solutions firm CAM Technologies moves to increase their presence online by contracting with Baltimore marketing agency, Sheets and Associates. Together, they are working on the creation and development of the company’s new website and improving their search engine rankings.

CAM Technologies [] is one of the leading industrial engineering companies in the country, specializing in products and services involved in compressed air automation. The founder of the company, Chris Wagner, has two industrial patents and has been designing compressed air solutions for over 3 decades, long before the launch of the Compressed Air Challenge in 1997.

“When industries search the internet for anything related to #compressedairsystems and #energyefficiency, we want them to find CAM Technologies,” says CEO Chris Wagner. “Efficient automated compressed air solutions can affect more energy cost savings than any other ‘green’ initiative.”

Sheets and Associates is a marketing agency based in Baltimore that specializes in multimedia production, web design, online and offline communication strategies and reputation marketing. They serve more than 50 national and international clients in more than 30 different industries.

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