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As leaders in a niche industry, we often collaborate with our partners and professional colleagues to publish papers, along with conducting training seminars at industrial conferences.


2017 WEEC Chiller & Compressed Air Control Technology Show Report



Can a Variable Frequency Drive in an Air Compressor System actually realize your expected ROI?

With utility costs rising, we see an ever-increasing number of industrial projects which seek to do more work with less energy.

Greening of Manufacturing?

Kevin Higgins, Senior Editor of Food Engineering Magazine, considers the product life cycles in food manufacturing. Industrial systems often outlive the products, and the costs associated with being Green will be correlated to facility capability rather than product.

Improving Compressed Air System Performance

The consideration of single compressor control, and a control system for plant with multiple compressors is a good starting place for a technical evaluation. The Department of Energy has a concise compressed air systems Fact Sheet #6 for review.

Using Demand Expanders in Compressed Air Systems

Scott Foss was an early innovator in the compressed air automation market, and was published extensively in the 1990’s. This article presents the use of demand expanders in simple compressed air systems, where system efficiency improvements are undeniable.